Internet Safety


Last updated on 12/20/2011 11:04:28 AM
  34   Percentage of children that never receive advice from parents on how they should or should not use the Internet.
  Percent of all Internet downloads that are pornographic.
  31   Average number of hours teens spend per week online.
  11   Average age that kids are exposed to pornography.
  90   Percent of boys by the age of 18 that have been exposed to Internet pornography.
  72   Percent of kids that have seen pornography online.
  Percent of girls by the age of 18 that have been exposed to Internet pornography.

Parent Guide to Protecting Kids on YouTube

Last updated on 12/20/2011 11:06:44 AM
As a parent, you face unprecedented hurdles today with video sharing sites like YouTube.

As part of St. Peter Claver's family resources we want to introduce an organization called Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes is committed to educating parents and helping families safely navigate the Web. Covenant Eyes offer a free guide for parents, we hope you find it to be a valuable resource. Download it now!

You will also find a wealth of helpful articles on the Covenant Eye's blog, Breaking Free, and we encourage you to subscribe to their e-magazine, PureMinds Online.

Download “A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Kids on YouTube” and learn more by visiting the Covenant Eyes Parent Blog.

Internet Accountablity & Filtering Software

Last updated on 12/20/2011 11:09:14 AM
  Covenant Eyes helps you keep your family safe online.

Covenant Eyes provides Internet software that helps you teach your kids good online habits.

Website content ratings

Our web content rating system analyzes websites in real time and gives every website visited an age-based rating, like T for Teen and M for Mature. This rating system flags websites that may be of concern to you and eliminates the guesswork.

Parental controls and age-based filtering

Block content based on your kids’ ages. After all, your 6-year-old and your 16-year-old are at different maturity levels. You’ve given them different bedtimes, and you should be able to monitor and control their web browsing differently too.

Weekly Internet use reports

With Covenant Eyes Accountability, you can see what your kids are doing online. These reports help you teach your kids and have good conversations about how to use the Internet wisely. It’s also the perfect protection for all the adults in your household.

Multiple usernames for individual protection

With a separate username for everyone in your family, you receive customized and accurate reports for each person and have better parental controls for each child, which means you can have informed conversations with your spouse and your kids about the Internet.

If you do decide to protect your family through the use of CovenantEyes accountability and filtering software use the use the Promo Code 9751, each time the promo code is used a small portion of the subscription fee goes to help St. Peter Claver serve families. It's easy and affordable to purchase Covenant Eyes and start protecting you home, just visit: